My exact body measurements… I’m bigger than I thought.

I must have some kind of body dysmorphia because me and my mother were disagreeing on my weight. I am bigger than I thought but that doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue. I logically shouldn’t have been able to even squeeze into my size 10 summer dress with these measurements. That explains why my curvy parts fill it out more. The cleavage I have when wearing that dress makes it looks like I’ve had my boobs surgically enhanced. However, that still doesn’t give men the excuse to perve over me when I’m out. I dress to feel good about myself … not for the attention of men. My measurements from the top downwards is… drum roll time … 40 inch (bust) , 36 inch (waist) and 44 inch (hips). I also measured the top of my thighs which were 24 inches exactly. I’ve never had boobs that big even when I was overweight in my early 20s. I’m in proportion to a point. I have piled the weight on, but who hasn’t over the last year? I am definitely not ready to stand on scales yet. I know by my measurements that I’m probably approximately heading towards 14 stone. I’ve been there before years ago, the weight is just distributed in different areas this time. I just need to tone up and the weight should drop off with those exercises. I’ve been lazy and my ankle hasn’t made it easy to even walk as much. There’s nothing wrong with me… I’ve got this way from a year of being too chilled about what I’m eating and drinking.