I just got to sit down today! It’s been quite a long day!

I have been tided and had an enforced cleaning session today ready for the flat being valued tomorrow. I only just sat down after making sure I cleaned the last parts before I was comfortable and didn’t want to get up again. I now have the evening to myself. Well, myself and mister who has laid down next to me. He’s reshuffled into the bum mark he’d previously made before my mum rearranged and shook the sofa cushions out. We cleaned the windows inside and out, completely cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and dusted everything. Tidied everything up and wiped surfaces. I’m completely exhausted. I have been on my feet so long that my ankle has started to swell up again. The cat is snoozing like he was doing anything. He kept sitting in different places snoozing the entire day! It is probably extremely hot with fur on though. The other cat has disappeared outside somewhere. She always does when other people come in my home… unless she wants food which is what she popped in for earlier. She’s probably snoozing in the shade somewhere. Scrap that, she’s just strolled in to tap me asking for food again as I a typing this entry.

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