The heat seems to bring out all the idiots…

I went out to get a few bits from the supermarket. Sounds like a simple trouble free trip…. Nope! I was wearing my favourite dress due to the fact that it was hot. I was in one of the local supermarkets (it wouldn’t be fair to mention the name). I was looking at the quorn products at standing level. This guy (don’t know his face) crouched down closely next to me appearing to look at the bottom fridge shelf. He was trying to look up my dress. I realised within a few seconds and moved away. Cheeky git! I’m autistic but as I say regularly… I’m not stupid. Why would you? I don’t know the logic that men use. Taking a sneaky look up a woman’s dress/skirt isn’t justifiable in any shape or form. You should have grown out of that sort of thing at school age. It’s not just inappropriate… it’s insulting and intrusive. I should be able to wear what I like in the heat without being perved on by guys, especially if they are doing it in a hidden way. Why should we have to worry about men being inappropriate when we are going about our daily lives?

Then, on the way home, I was in a traffic jam when the lights had gone red. This person in front of me with an expensive looking car went around the car in the front of the queue, onto the other side of the road and passed the red light. Seriously? If they hadn’t timed that just right they may have crashed into the traffic crossing between those roads. Complete idiot. Many people go just as the light turns red but normally they are the ones at the front of the queue. I’ve never seen any dumb idiot go around the one in the front of the queue onto the other side of the road to go round them when the light has just gone red. It’s not like the person in the front of the queue was going particularly slow moving up the queue.

2 thoughts on “The heat seems to bring out all the idiots…

  1. I just watched one of your videos. It was a pleasure. You have a lovely natural, truthful manner. I’m an aspie, as was the term. There is something about you which I recognise as like myself …. no affectation or putting on a front. That’s what I see anyway. I used to be very shy too, then I found it didn’t matter what anybody else thought. My motto is, “It’s their problem”. I hope things are working out for you. Messing up at jobs ….. me too, but before I knew I was autistic, which seemed to prove I was useless. Now all is explained! I’m not useless! I just mess up. I have mostly been self-employed; that’s what works for me. It sounds as though you have been through a real lot. Anyway, I am thinking of you and I wish you all good things ….. Ken


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