I’m just not made for this weather.

I don’t know how to dress for this weather and when I do it completely goes wrong. I’m insecure due to my weight gain at the moment anyway. I’ve popped out for a short walk to have a break from the mess of my surroundings. The ends of my hair have dried up because it needs washing on top of the frizz this heat is causing. I’m trying not to get the ends caught because they just snap off. I should have had it gone this week and that is why it didn’t get washed because with the thickness of my hair I leave it for the hairdresser to wash when she trims it and thins it out. I cancelled so it ended up a matted mess. I added coconut oil to the mix to take some of the dryness out of the ends. That really doesn’t help and just added to the products built up in there. I shaved my legs when I put my leggings on (half my legs are out). They just look terrible. The dry parts on my legs have left red marks where the razor caught them. I don’t tan. I just go back pale. So yes, this weather is not my natural climate.