I just am genetically a failure. Accept it!

I walked into my mums only to be told I still look fat around my stomach and thighs (also took a dig at my legs too). There was me thinking I’ve lost a bit of weight. Obviously not as much as what others accept. Look around, nearly our whole family on the female side goes this shape as they get older. I share the same weight gain genetics both sides which puts me at a disadvantage as I age. I feel down enough about my genetic failures before any comments. The same genetics give me the frizzy hair, the awful pale skin, freckles and various allergies (hay fever, cows milk intolerance). I’m frustrated right now with my appearance. I can’t change it however much I exercise and not eat certain things. I just have a body that holds onto fat and bloats. I probably wouldn’t even lose weight if I actually stopped eating. One leg is more swollen due to my ankle on that side anyway. I’m bloated this week anyway due to my monthly next week. I can’t be the shape I used to be. I can’t work miracles with the genetics I have to juggle and injury. I’m stuck with this mass of jelly bloated crap.