Randomness in the heat / slept most of the day. Alcohol to forget stuff.

It’s going to be hotter this weekend. I’m not looking forward to that… it’s already too hot! I had a baby pigeon nearly fly in my window earlier (video below), it went to sit on the fence after head butting the window. He was fine when he got over being stunned. It’s like the wildlife can’t see the window for some reason. There was a squirrel nearly ended up in the window earlier this week. I barely did anything today. I rested my ankle as it has kicked off every night this week when I’ve tried to get to sleep. I may have had a bit of alcohol but I’ve still cut down. I spent most the day in bed because I was hot and feel attacked by things going on in my life at the moment. I know logically that certain things aren’t personal (well I hope it’s not) but that doesn’t make me feel any less attacked.

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