Woke up at 5 am !?

I dropped off to sleep eventually despite hours of being unable to settle due to the heat. I woke up at 5 am uncomfortably hot. There was two noisy crows outside. I woke up with a sore ankle again. It is getting better but it is at the stage where it gets a bit tired after I’ve used it. I can’t function yet. Is it wrong to have a lazy day and just stay in bed? I will feel a lot better for the extra sleep. I’m absolutely exhausted. I can’t go out in the sun again today because my burn is peeling and I have sun hives. The joys of being pale… I’m just going to feel like crap if I’m up and trying to function that tired. I have the perfect opportunity to just chill out and I really should take it before life gets busier as we open up over the coming months. I have to build myself up a lot to do people again.

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