I had the worse day ever.

I was too tired to get up most of the day. I had to cancel my plans and my cat threw up all over the for the second day in a row. The place is a mess which I have to get tidy and clean before Wednesday when someone is coming to our a valuation on the place. I needed a break from my surroundings otherwise the mess will never get cleared away. That is a slow process when you’re picking clothes to upload to sell during as and when you find them during cleaning everything. I’ve put a few up. The thing is that the Vinted app is getting so popular that it’s impossible for people to see the items. They do sponsored post options to make items appear at top of the list. I don’t want to do that. I’ve had a few coats on there months and they’ve still not been brought. The older they get ensures they end up at the bottom of the listings where anyone viewing them has well and truest for bored and given up scrolling. I know by experience that by that part do that list I’m fed up of scrolling and given up o. The idea of buying a certain type of clothing. I refuse to pay the extra to get rid of them. It’s only pence but it’s still parts of sale revenue that I will lose on final sale of product. I need all the money I can get is in the end I have to move because they can’t sell it to someone who wants to let it out.

I sell tarot readings but they aren’t easy to sell to people now as too many charlatans have ruined the industry. I’m not a medium which is where there is still money. I don’t want to train to be own either because o have enough with random things bugging me without opening that side up. I said I would never consider it and I stick to that decision. I have seen the dangers and the way that spirits start to think that you’re an open portal to latch onto etc. The last local good medium in this area passed away a while ago. I never met them personally but communicated with their daughter in passing in which they told me what their mum used to do. People get into the industry to cold read which causes all kinds of inaccuracies. Those of us who can do it naturally literally never get a break when we decide to do readings. You have to have firm boundaries, you can never let your guard down and that is something I struggled with and if you don’t do it then they literally sap all your energy. I get kept awake by things which want to hang when I’m trying to sleep. I can’t see them but I can feel their energy, smell perfume etc. I get that anyway when I’m not reading for other people. I’m not a wimp by no means. I bought a haunted doll. It’s a settled haunted doll. I won’t buy the ones that have troubled histories. I’m not exposing the cats to those kinds of things because animals can err things we can’t. I’m sure that Mimi was playing with something I couldn’t see the other night. She was looking at an area of the living room and randomly started playing with her ball (she doesn’t do that unless someone throws it for her). I don’t mind them playing together because I’d know if it wasn’t harmless. They can be harmless but sad which is probably why I felt so tearful the other night. Some of them left this world unexpectedly suddenly and left a lot of things unfinished. They’re normally the types that wake you up at night. Alcohol stops them so they’ve probably been rather peed off with me for the last year. They may still have been lingering around but alcohol stops the connections they need to make themselves known.

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