The day started crap but it got better.

I have put the support around my ankle to go for a test walk just in case it decides to get tired again. It was giving me a lot of crap when I woke up this morning but it finally feels like it’s healed whatever was hurting in the middle at the back of my ankle. I cleaned up the cat sick which he did before I fell asleep earlier. It’s hot so I don’t know if it’s heat related or the fact that the greedy pig overeats and tries to nick parts of my dinner. I ate vegan stuff all day yesterday so there may be things that don’t suit him in those products. They’re used to vegetarian stuff that they like to nick from my dinner. I try to stop them eating my food because they have their own meat cat food which they’re supposed to eat. It’s hard to not let them when mister literally tried to knock the magnum ice cream lolly out of my hand yesterday. I only let him lick the stick. The chocolate part isn’t good for them. I’ve posted the video below of his enthusiasm when he did finally get to lick the ice cream part. See below. I am wearing a top that I’m really not sure about today but it’s too hot to wear anything else. I have put two different prints together as an outfit. That doesn’t always work. I have only just found this too and actually fitted in it. I had a sort out of my clothes because I wanted to sell all the really tiny stuff that will never got me again. There is tiny stuff that was already tight fitting when I was smaller. I know that I will never wear them again. I put them all on Vinted.

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