Late night again, I’m always tired because something keeps me awake.

I heard from landlords earlier. They’ve accepted my suggestion so maybe I won’t have to move if it works out. I’m up at a stupid hour. I got told that I looked tired earlier. I don’t sleep a lot so I’m probably always going to look tired. It doesn’t take a lot to keep me too anxious to sleep. I’ve been worrying where I’m going to live after the contract ends here for the last few weeks. I can never remember when I actually slept properly. I’ve been like this since I was quite young. I struggle so much when it comes to having a proper sleep pattern. I’ve tried so much to actually get decent sleep but nothing works. I hear it’s a common autistic problem. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I could cry when I’m tired but still can’t sleep. I wish the GP gave out sleeping medication like they used to years ago. It’s starting to show on my face so I must have been tired for years. As I age that is not a good thing. I will start to look wrinkled earlier than middle age. I’m nearly mid 30’s, by the time I’m 40 I’m going to look awful. I feel stressed when I don’t sleep. Then I get moody. It is a vicious circle which makes you feel like crap constantly.