I think that I pushed my ankle too far again :(

I was on my feet most of the day yesterday, the same as the day before. My ankle has suddenly started to complain again. It has started aching again. I need to put my support around it but that gets a bit hot in this weather. I’ve got lots of things to do when I get up. The sun must have been quite strong. I have peeling arms in places. I haven’t even worn short sleeves every day because I get burnt. I only had to expose my legs to the sun one day for them to not be lily white anymore. I always go back pale because I never tan. I look a bit rusty red, peel and then go back pale. I do feel better for a bit of sun. I used one of those dermoplaning blades on my face to remove dead skin and hair. You have to be careful in the sun after the treatment. I will have to use cream with sun protection in until this weather goes away. I don’t want it to go. It’s nice to finally have summer after the masses of rain we had last month. I did my face after someone told me I looked tired. Thank you… I just have a face that looks tired even when I’ve had sleep. That’s from years of no sleep and stress/trauma. I can pretend I’m ok but it shows on my face. I have never been one for all the beauty stuff. I’m only doing bits now to hide the damage that my life has done to my face.