Well, I’m awake again.

I nearly fell asleep but got too hot. Then I needed the toilet. I had to take the soft support sleeve off of my ankle because it was just getting too tight to sleep in. I need to keep the back of my ankle in a certain position so that it doesn’t hurt. The back of my ankle is a bit dodgy. I hope it’s just a muscle not a bone otherwise I won’t be able to heal it myself. I keep getting told that I should go to the doctors but getting an appointment is difficult. I was told to ring up at 8 am for an on the day appointment if it got worse. It feels a lot worse but if lots of people ring up then I won’t get an appointment. It’s the case of whoever gets there first. I’m really not good at being awake at that time of the morning, let alone being able to function enough to make a phone call. I can’t not go to get it checked out because it’s definitely not right after many weeks. I don’t normally take this long to get over a sprained ankle. I’m clumsy… literally I’m used to hurting myself. I’m robust normally because I do it so much. I can trip over my own feet. I bump into walls that seem quite far away. Doors just seem to get in my way. I’m used to being injured and can therefore heal quickly. This isn’t the case with the latest injury. It just won’t completely heal. It got so far but it’s just not going any further towards healing.

I had the vaccine which scares me in case it’s messed with something. The blood clot thing also is a bit scary when you’ve got a swollen limb. I just got to hope that I’m not one of the unlucky ones that gets a blood clot after my vaccinations. They’ve stopped giving the AZ one to people my age and a little younger now due to the age group that was being affected. I was one of the first to get it due to clinical vulnerability. I would have just been given my first dose recently if I hadn’t been in that group and I was given it as part of my age group. I had my first one weeks before the blood clot cases got revealed. I did worry but it’s too late to go back at that point. I had the second dose of the same vaccine. I didn’t even get side effects from my second dose. The first dose hit me like a ton of bricks. I was feeling cold and hot constantly for a few days after the first. I ended up with a headache and my monthly got delayed by a week. I also had a sore arm. None of that happened with my second dose. I didn’t even get a sore arm. I didn’t feel like I’d even had it. I injured myself shortly after the second dose. I don’t know if it’s made my body less efficient at healing quickly. I don’t use my ankle too much. The walls I have been on were literally tiny compared to my normal lengths. I do feel restricted. That is making me restless. I’m so used to walking miles for a few hours.