I am just fed up. I enjoyed the sun today though.

I went out for most of the day after I finally got up this afternoon. The heat is making me fed up though. I like the sun until a certain point. Then it gets tiring. I’ve sat down for the first time today. I got up to find my ankle wasn’t swollen. It still hurts a little but with the support around it that isn’t an issue. The internet at home is annoying today. #internetdown was trending on social media earlier so it’s probably driving everyone else crazy too. I keep having to reset my connection. I had to turn my router on and off for it to work at all. I heard that there are solar flares which is affecting our technology or something.

I got a letter from the landlords when I got home. They’ve put their position in writing. I’m going to put a counter offer, alternative idea forward which means they can sell and I won’t have to move. They can keep the carpets because the ones I got was only cheap and rough (cat proof). I’ve forwarded the invoice for the gas check to them because I’m not paying it. That has all the information on that they need to pay the bill. I can’t put this part in my counter offer letter but I don’t see why they have to sell this property as they do have others. Why this one? Why not one of the others? I can’t prove its not personal. However, I do get the impression that I’m not liked by the woman involved in the situation. I’m always disliked by other women. I try so hard but they just never like me. That hurts me because I always have wanted a female best friend. I can’t get one due to the fact that I just have something about me that other women just don’t like. They just are b*tchy to me and about me. I just don’t understand how to get their acceptance. Men say we’re complicated. We are even complicated when it comes to understanding each other. There are just so many more layers to us than men. Anyway back to what I was saying, I’m going to make the suggestion as a counter offer but I don’t think they’ll accept it. I am going to start looking around but I’m not keen on making a move at this point until I absolutely have to do so. I’m still insisting that I move area but my mother is refusing to agree with me and thinks I should stay in the same area. I don’t see the point in moving if it’s not for a fresh start somewhere else seeing as I never wanted to return to the area I grew up in anyway. There’s nothing to keep me in this area. I came back only due to the fact that I was told I would be able to keep my son if I moved back to the area. I didn’t get to keep my son so I’m done with this area.