Finally get some time to rest.

The fact that I don’t have plans seems to make me feel so much better today. I’m awake but not up and dressed. I have to briefly get up at w decent hour for my medication. I missed that once last week which tipped me completely off balance. I was even more restless than normal. I just fed the cats so they won’t bug me until late afternoon. I am not going to rest (sleep) all day because I do have things to do. I just didn’t get to sleep until a stupid hour last night. The best part is that my ankle seems a lot better when I got out of bed this morning. It has finally quit hurting! I haven’t been using it much yet to see if it won’t hurt at all. The last few days I’ve woken up with pain before even using it. I think it needs a few more days not hurting before I am convinced it’s getting better. I just have to resist the urge to push it back into walking a lot before it’s completely repaired. I did that before and it totally went the other way. I’m too comfortable to move right now so there is no chance of pushing it too far today. Mister is being a pain in the… today. I fed him and he can go outside if he wants to do so. Mimi had her food and has already gone out. He still decides to meow at me despite having access to anywhere he wants (apart from the bathroom). I think he’s just gone under the bed. He just has way too much energy. Hopefully he’s gone under there for a snooze so I can get a bit of peace for a few hours. I’m going for a snooze too. I will probably get woken up by one of my cats at some point when they are ready for their afternoon feed. I sometimes wake up to Mimi tapping me on the arm. Mister likes to walk over me and makes a shouty meow noise.