I’m so tired and depressed.

I just hate the thought of even getting up today… I have to soon but I’m fed up just thinking about being up before I even do it. The cat next to me is making it feel harder. He’s snoozing on his back with legs up in the air. That is how comfy I would like to be. I stretched after waking up and my ankle had a pain shoot through it. The pain is a lot more controlled now but it still has its moments. The worse part is when I’m trying to sleep. That is why I’m so tired. I don’t get a proper nights sleep due to pain. It’s not even bad but the kind that just bugs enough so that I stay awake. I’m depressed at the thought of getting up. Luckily I haven’t made any plans until later in the afternoon. I can’t cancel anything. I can’t get used to cancelling anything. I will start doing it all the time.

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