If I was pretty…

I’m not trying to be a complete asshole here. If I was what the world saw as pretty (definitely not now as my weight has doubled) then I could manipulate any man to do exactly what I need just by looking at me. That just isn’t the case. If it ever was then it isn’t now because my looks are going south as I get older. I can’t be slimmer again if my injuries stop me from exercising to burn off my excess weight. I’ve walked to the shop and back today just to loosen off my ankle. I have the strap around it so nothing is coming out of place to cause it stress. I haven’t long got up because I needed some sleep since I barely slept last night. I’ve never been the type to use my looks to get what I need but I never knew how pretty privilege worked or that it was even a thing. I don’t know want to have to do that. I would rather not get slapped by other women with those men. I also know that my dad would be not wanting me to be someone who uses their looks to get what they need. They are seen as cheap slappers to men. Then women will treat you even worse because they can see how you’re luring a man in by your appearance.so yes, I definitely don’t have pretty privilege or I would have everyone bowing down to do what I want/need just by looking at me.

3 thoughts on “If I was pretty…

  1. You are pretty. You are attractive. That doesn’t mean every man will react with utter obedience to your every whim. Some might actually distrust you because you’re attractive. Some might want you purely for that one thing, and treat you like an object. Some men may want more than just a beautiful woman, they may want to spend their time with someone who is also a friend. People are complex you included. You can often never really understand yourself as person, understanding others is far more difficult. That is why relationships end up being two way things, with both sides needing to make an effort, or they simply end.


  2. Personality is way more important to me.then my 2nd highest thing would be trust. communication, then maybe looks. maybe the way I was brought up, maybe my conditions, maybe because I have seen friends get with the wrong person, I don’t know. so don’t think it is 100% looks for every guy, otherwise it is totally the wrong guy to be with anyway, because you can be certain there are plenty of women who love the attention waiting around the corner.


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