I have been told I have to censor the blog.

I got told that I have to censor my blog because I can’t just say what I want about people. I have a right to put my opinion out there. Why should I let others say things about me that isn’t true and unfair? I don’t like people treating me in certain ways. I don’t like being seen as a threat. That will trigger me big time. I know that everyone has seen my rant already so there is no point deleting it. People have to learn that certain things are hurtful. Yes, I do too. I felt bad for things I’ve said when they’ve triggered me. There are certain things you cannot say to someone who has been through trauma. They will go to a specific part of their brain/memory and just spill it out into a current situation. I’m completely fed up of people saying that’s inappropriate, that’s inappropriate. I just don’t see that. I would be friends with everyone if I was given a chance by this society. Things that are classed as inappropriate are only seen that way because our society has conditioned us since school to see things a certain way.