Awake at stupid o clock again.

I have an excuse for being awake at stupid o clock. I have just had to take a painkiller for ankle because it’s feeling quite sore. It’s definitely better than yesterday and the swelling is starting to go down a little. I think it should be nearly back to normal by Monday in regards to no longer being painful. It hurts one minute but not the next. It’s not constant any longer but still enough to keep me awake. It feels like it’s healing but the stiffness is still there. Once it loosens off then it will feel better. I’m resting it a lot. I have to do things on a daily basis even if I’m just staying in. I sit down with my feet up when it swells and starts hurting. I’m not able to concentrate on anything while I’m in pain. I found the painkiller box in a bowl after losing them when I was in severe pain. I never put them there. I was so focused on getting to bed as the pain was that tiring. I must have just chucked them in the nearest kitchen cupboard without acknowledging where I put them. I have since done the same thing with that box today. It’s not in the same place this time. I’m sure that I put it in some other random place tonight while I was on the way to bed.

I feel worn out carrying my injured ankle around all day. It feels like a weighted band surrounded by pain. I’m too tired to function by the time I’m heading for bed. I probably put lots of things in places that they don’t belong because the tiredness. I will find out when I wake up tomorrow. I at least have another box that I bought because I thought I’d lost them. That means I won’t have to stay in pain if I do lose that box again. I haven’t lost the other packet yet. I’ve put them in the draw next to my bed.

I have been off alcohol for 5 days now. I can feel the difference and don’t even want alcohol now. I look a lot less bloated and my skin has finally cleared up.