I can’t move it’s not practical at the moment. I just emotionally got back on my feet.

I would like to move but I thought about it all night and decided that it was going to be more problematic than I had imagined it in my head. I’m not going to beg my landlord to not sell. That is desperate and I refuse to be desperate nowadays. I try to act cool even if I’m really stressed and want the other person to agree with me. At the end of the day, and he isn’t going to like me saying this on here, he’s made his decision because I tried to make friends with his wife. She never replied to me and apparently blocked me so nothing happened. It kind of looks quite harsh that he’s basically kicking me out and deciding to sell at the end of the tenancy because I tried to make friends. As an autistic I may know that I’m trending on dodgy ground but I follow what I want/need. That is when he got it into his head that I was some kind of threat. His thought path seems to be along the lines of protecting his family. What from? I’m not some murderer or someone who will get violent with others. I have a past that people will always gossip about but it doesn’t mean that the crap they speak is the absolute truth. People loosely base the truth on facts they can prove like my record but they weren’t involved. I’m not a threat to anyone and I will protest until my dying day that this is the truth about me.

Then he says that he doesn’t want the hassle that my autism side sometimes brings. I know he’s got his own problems. I understand that but I have at least tried to get where he stands. I don’t feel that he has even tried to see my reality. The reality of my life as an autistic person is no walk in the park. I don’t have it easy and selling the flat I live in makes me 10 times more stressed. I didn’t sleep last night since finding out that I have to uproot myself and move all my stuff. I’m emotionally just getting back on my feet after my sons adoption. It takes years to ever feel remotely back to normal again. Is it such a bad thing that I tried to be friends with his wife? The fact that this springs straight on to potential threat means he must be insecure about his marriage in general. She didn’t want to be friends but if she had got chatting to me there would be no harm done. I may swing that way but I’m never going to move in on someone I know is married. Friends only, that is a rule that I strongly stick to whether it’s a male or female friend.