Loving the weather !

I managed to get into my size 10 dress. Yes, I had to squeeze my boobs in but managed to fit! I probably wouldn’t have fitted if I had y stopped drinking alcohol. I do still have bloat buy it going down a bit. The weather is so nice that I had to go for a walk when I got up. I fell asleep for the whole is this morning after I got up for medication. I have flip flops on so there’s no pressure around my ankle and it doesn’t seem to be swelling up like it was … I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt because it does but if I walk through the pain it loosens off for a while. I don’t like my bigger body so definitely going to try to lose weight. I have been good apart from a bowl of pasta on one day this week. It was very hot and easy/quick to cook after I came in that day. On the plus side effects can now rub it in someone’s face who didn’t want me because it was ‘too skinny’ for their preferences. They now no longer have a chance with me. I’ve moved in and now my body has become what they like…. karma sucks … and maybe if she hadn’t treated me the way she did we could reconnect but I only forgive for the sake of my mental health, I never forget.

Squeezing a fuller figure into a favourite
summer dress….