Looks like I’m moving next year.

I just had a text telling me the flat is going to be sold so I guess I’m moving again. I really don’t want to move. I need to get rid of half my stuff because I’m not taking lots of crap with me. I did that the last time when I moved here from down south. I’ve had dreams knowing this was on the cards and the things that got said didn’t help. They are a good landlord as I will get a reference to take with me to the next place. I honestly didn’t think that they would do that after how they seem to have perceived me. I can move before end of contract if I find anywhere else. I really would like to move area. That’s going to be a huge task though. There’s even more to sort / plan if you’re changing counties. I have no happy memories here. Everything happens for a reason. I never belonged in this area despite growing up here. It will do me good to get away from surroundings that give me mental trauma. I just want to feel free and I don’t in the county where I grew up. I grew up here but it doesn’t feel like home. Home is a place where a person feels settled. I can’t say that I do around here.

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