Good morning from me and the cat. (Video included)

Half asleep me and a very comfy sleeping cat

I literally just woke up so I don’t look great in this video clip. He was enjoying his sleep… as usual. I didn’t sleep well because my injured ankle was so painful. I thought that if I put something cold on it before going to bed to reduce the swelling I got by daily use I’d make it less painful. The opposite happened. It made it worse. The swelling did go down with cold on it but it absolutely hurt like hell. I think it’s healing because not all my ankle is painful now. I probably never felt the full extent of my injury at first because I drank alcohol every night which numbs pain. It has felt worse since I cut out alcohol. I even took a painkiller last night but it didn’t even touch it. I eventually fell asleep about 4 am. I’m still tired and it’s going to be another hot day. I do love the weather but far too pale for it to suit me. I only went out in the sun for about an hour yesterday and my arms got sunburned. I can feel it around my neck too. I should wear sunscreen but I find the texture and smell really hard to deal with as it messes with my autism sensory issues. The consistency feels sticky and the smell is too strong.