Why am I so disorganised?

I just realised this morning that I have absolutely barely any numbers that have called me saved in my phone. I deleted texts after certain things happens and have no way of knowing who is who properly. I was trying to get the gas inspection done but don’t want to text the landlord directly in case he gets angry at me again. I’m not scared. I don’t allow anyone to scare me but I don’t want the hassle. I’m a little scared of people I’m general due to my experiences. No one should feel that it’s personal. I have gone out for a while because it’s nice weather and walking has loosened off my ankle. I haven’t heard anything from a letting agent do do anything yet. The last thing he said was that he was passing it over to be managed. I don’t know if that was something he was actually going to do as I left it at that two weeks ago. I got far too used to no one coming in that my pda side really put up a resistance. I’ve pulled myself together now and told myself not to be stupid. I can’t do anything if I do not have numbers linked with names in my phone. I’m not trying to fix everything, just the things that are my responsibility. I can’t even sort my own surroundings out without living in a mess right now.

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