I won’t be made out to be something I’m not.

I want to keep my distance from certain others who have said things which worry me. I will not be made out to be someone that I’m not. I will put anyone straight but I cannot change other peoples minds. I’ve tried that tactic in the past and it just got me into situations that weren’t pleasant that dragged me down. I didn’t ever realise it was a choice whether I walked in or out of those situations. I now realise that it is a choice. I will not walk into situations where others see me as a threat or in a negative way. I’m not a sad character like Jim from Friday night dinner who begs for friends or to be likes. I carry myself as a person. I don’t need anyone else’s acceptance to be happy. If others see me in certain negative ways or as a threat to their family etc then they can stay as far away as possible from me. I’ve had enough of dealing with the arrogance and ignorance of others.

One thought on “I won’t be made out to be something I’m not.

  1. You obviously need no validation from anyone, so me saying that I enjoyed reading this is not needed. I tis good to hear anyone recognise that our individual personality, or nature, should not be adapted for others. I’m very disabled, and though not introvert, I do also feel many people are disappointed with me for the disability I cannot change.

    I often view people who are capable of individual thought as somewhat unusual, and valuable, to society. Introvert as you say you are, your putting yourself out to say such things has value. Thank you.


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