I had an awful nights sleep. I just feel stressed.

I am totally stressed out by the state of my surroundings. Things just feel messy and unclean. The ankle decided to hurt all night. The cat was sick so I had to get that up before I could go to bed. I don’t have much that I can wear in the heat. I’m too big for most of my summer wardrobe. I have so much stuff to sort out but I’m feeling overwhelmed just looking at it. I’m just so stressed and tired that I want to cry. I got up for medication and breakfast but only because I can’t skip my anti depressants. I’m going back to sleep for a few hours afterwards. I was still awake at gone 4. I woke up at 7. I’m in pain because my ankle is extremely sore. The pain isn’t just in my ankle now but also in my foot going down into my big toe. It’s not even that swollen but it hurts. That didn’t make it easy to get any sleep last night.

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