2nd day of no alcohol but not done a lot.

I can’t walk far because my ankle still is playing up. I got all my stuff for the week as I can still drive a bit. I’m just in the bath after getting back from that. I get a cat scratching at the door when I’m trying to chill in the bath. I did phone the doctors about my ankle. Unless it gets extremely bad I can’t get a pre booked appointment until 16th. Otherwise I can phone up at 8 am to get one on the day. I submitted photos to show the doctor so that they can see it before I get to appointment whether it’s an emergency on the day or pre booked. It does hurt but it’s neither getting worse or better. It’s just staying the same so it’s not too bad if I take it easy. I just can’t walk far and it’s keeping me awake at night.

Anyway, I’m on the second day of no alcohol. I drank the last two little bottles on Sunday. I’m feeling a bit better but you don’t see the benefits until a few weeks to a month in to the lifestyle change. I have swapped back from cows to goats milk (like I used to have pre pandemic) because that doesn’t bloat me so much. I got 1 calorie oil spray and brought eggs for the first time in ages! I still haven’t done the vacuuming but that is my task after my bath while I’m waiting for my dinner to cook.

One thought on “2nd day of no alcohol but not done a lot.

  1. Quitting alcohol was the best thing I ever did! honestly I didn’t see any benefits until I decided to drink again and the next day I was a mess. That’s when I realised how much better I had been.


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