Things didn’t go to plan.

I did braids in my hair to wake up with naturally wavy hair. It’s kind of worked on one side but not that much on the other. I don’t think the hot weather helps because it has the whole frizz heat thing going on. I did put product on to help get the desired effect. It’s just gone a bit underwhelming. I did try to make it look better on the photo by applying mascara to my eyelashes. The fact that I have a lot of hair doesn’t make the parts that did go wavy stand out. I’m on a mini walk today because I out this evening and got stuff to tidy / clean up before I go out. Mister has strolled off somewhere outside so he will probably be waiting to go in when I get home. He doesn’t normally go out during the day. I did get pissed off with him earlier for peeing somewhere other than the litter tray. He knows that he was in trouble and I still wasn’t happy after cleaning it up. Then the wandering cat and another black cat from the neighbourhood was hanging around so he probably went out to tell them to get out of his space. It’s technically not his space but he classes it as his area. He likes to chill out there sometimes. He will have given up by the time I get home because he’s naturally that lazy.

Result of trying to braid and wake up with natural waves