Loosely related to the stop & search documentary = Police custody experience.

I’m sure that many people watched the documentary on stop and search about the disproportionate amount of black people being targeted by this legal clause. I was horrified by what I saw but I knew it went on from those that I’ve known who have been black, especially black men seem to have experienced being stopped and searched regularly during their life. I do not trust the police. I think the majority of those that work in the police have the wrong attitudes and also inbuilt prejudices which they openly display in their job. I was targeted from a young age to be labelled a criminal by one of them because I was autistic (I wasn’t diagnosed when they first started using me as a target). That individual officer did a lot of damage and has since retired. Their name is still very well known locally and apparently they work for the council now.

Anyway I would like to share one of my most recent police custody experiences from 2017. It was before I ended up in prison briefly. I was arrested and left in a cell for breaking that restraining order. I was being held there while they were processing something. I got stressed as I hit meltdown mode. I ended up smashing the back of my head against the wall because I got to the point of being that distressed. I had been in the cell for many hours at that point.I was basically told to stop it and left to work through it. I was only offered a paracetamol by the custody nurse when it started hurting later. There was no knowledge that I had autism by the custody staff despite me telling the arresting officer. That is what I was saying about their attitudes. The one that arrested me has one of those attitudes. The type that doesn’t believe that autism even exists, let alone tries to understand it.