I am still emotionally and mentally tired.

I know that I haven’t acted like I am still emotionally / mentally tired for a few days. I still am but it feels less intense now that my university module is done for the academic year. I can now relax without strict deadlines. I can see it in my face that I’m still feeling tired. I can hear a cat snoring which is quite distracting trying to type this entry. I’m glad they’re chilled but they’re loud. I have allergies which are keeping me awake. I am very tired but I can’t settle tonight. I have sleep oil on my skin and even that isn’t doing much. I have more moisturised skin but it isn’t doing anything to get me to sleep. I’m just not in the right frame of mind to sleep. I’m worried about things I cannot control. I know that is pointless but it’s hard not to be concerned about where I’m going to live in a year. I didn’t mean to upset anyone. I was just feeling the full extent of my emotionally and mentally tired state. I wish that I didn’t feel this way.