Day: May 31, 2021

  • Loosely related to the stop & search documentary = Police custody experience.

    I’m sure that many people watched the documentary on stop and search about the disproportionate amount of black people being targeted by this legal clause. I was horrified by what I saw but I knew it went on from those that I’ve known who have been black, especially black men seem to have experienced being […]

  • I know that the shit is going to fly this week ok.

    I walked into my mums and got basically told that my trousers look tight (hinting I’m fat). She also gave me two chocolate eclairs after my dinner. Those comments haven’t made me feel any better but since my few stone weight gain I’m used to the comments. There are no rules saying that larger women […]

  • Things didn’t go to plan.

    I did braids in my hair to wake up with naturally wavy hair. It’s kind of worked on one side but not that much on the other. I don’t think the hot weather helps because it has the whole frizz heat thing going on. I did put product on to help get the desired effect. […]

  • I am still emotionally and mentally tired.

    I know that I haven’t acted like I am still emotionally / mentally tired for a few days. I still am but it feels less intense now that my university module is done for the academic year. I can now relax without strict deadlines. I can see it in my face that I’m still feeling […]