Things I wasn’t aware actually existed part 1: pretty privilege!

The weather did so nice today. But, let’s get straight to the topic of the blog entry. I thought that it works be a good idea to start a list of topics that I never knew existed until I socially matured as an autistic person. The first is something I keep hearing recently. Pretty privilege…. a term used explaining how someone gets their opportunities based on their looks. For example: they only got where they got because they were attractive. I’m obviously not classed as attractive because things have NEVER been handed on me due to the way I look etc…. at least I don’t think so … I hope not because I work hard alongside that aspect of myself. I haven’t got long legs and a model type appearance … well not since I gained a bit of weight anyway. I totally understand things like white privilege but pretty really isn’t something I feel gets you places in life.

I don’t see being attractive as a positive thing in reality. Men don’t give you things for the right reasons. They always expect you to be open to certain things which make us feel uncomfortable. I have a block list full of men who wouldn’t take no for an answer. I get propositioned regularly which other women say they would love to experience. They would t say that if it constantly happened to them. I don’t like any of those that approach me and if I did start saying yes I’d never be single. That doesn’t even begin to cover how other women treat you if they perceive you as having ‘pretty privilege potential’. The two faced ness and attempting to put you in a positions lower them is a huge problem for those of us put in this category. Other women can sometimes actually go out purposefully to sabotage another woman that they view in this image. I would just like to confirm that I haven’t been handed anything due to the so called pretty privilege image. I’ve worked hard to get the visitor numbers of my blog/ebook up. That has absolutely nothing to do with me being attractive etc.

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