Chilled Saturday morning….

I’m awake but not dressed yet. The cats had their breakfast before I got mine, which is the only way I get to eat mine in peace, I took my medication and found clothes to wear today. I’ve got one cat on the end of my bed bed lying there cleaning himself. The other one went outside as soon as I fed her. She only comes in to eat at this time of year. She was waiting outside the bathroom for me after she realised I was up and there would be food. I found the other one asleep on the sofa when I got up; he is the lazy one. They’ve got opposite personalities. I call Mimi the good one and Mister the naughty one. I’m not saying that Mimi never does anything naughty but Mister has a destructive streak which gets him told off at least once a day. If Mimi does something she’s not supposed to, Mister is usually the instigator. She copies him if he scratches furniture. She never pees on stuff though. I’m not getting up yet so Mister better behave himself. He has the entire garden to explore so he can’t be bored. The weather is nice for them to go out. They’ve been fed. He has no need to be grumpy. They both seem to be enjoying the weather.

I will probably go out there for a walk later if my ankle swelling has gone right down again. It feels a lot better. It felt stiff yesterday but it doesn’t feel stiff this morning. I can’t stay off it all the time. I injured myself over six weeks ago. I didn’t walk much for a few weeks to let it get better. It still hurts up my leg when it does swell after long walks. I have avoided getting it seen to so far but if it doesn’t stop swelling up then I will have to go get it seen to. I have been hoping it will just finally heal itself. I shouldn’t have pulled it back into the right position after I fell. There are apparently lots of bones in your feet that are tiny. I may have snapped one of those which would explain why it keeps swelling up after I’ve used it a lot. It seemed like a good idea at the time. That is the problem with not feeling pain normally. I just don’t feel it since going through birth. I just don’t feel pain that severely when it should hurt a lot more. I have always had clicky bones too, especially in my legs and ankles. They can click quite loudly but never causes me pain. I get looked at strangely by others who cannot believe I can click my bones like that and it doesn’t hurt. I don’t click them on purpose, it happens randomly. I’m truly just a walking freak show. Which is okay if you can make all your different randomness appealing and a selling point.

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