I feel so much better since university module finished.

I feel so much more relaxed since the end of my university module. I’ve been for a long walk two days in a row. I would have gone today too but my injured ankle got annoyed and swelled up after the second long walk. I got all my shopping while also getting my eyebrows waxed while I was there. I didn’t walk far today because my ankle was still stiff. I didn’t even feel like getting up today. I fell asleep after getting up for medication and breakfast until lunchtime. I’m still feeling headachy due to my sinuses playing up again. I made the split decision to book to have my eyebrows done at the last minute. They were starting to grow in the middle and needed shaping. I only got in as there was three cancellations at the beauty place this afternoon.

The video below is my cats hanging in the garden earlier. They normally don’t hang out together when they’re outside so this video is quite rare. The video at the bottom is of my ankles showing the comparison between my injured and non injured one to show how swollen it gets after exercise.

Cats hanging out in the garden May 2021
Injured vs Non – Injured Ankle after long walk
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