Migraine day :(

I have had a migraine most of the day. I tried to sleep it off but it’s still there. I couldn’t even drink anything but water when I first got up before I went back to sleep. I had something to eat but when I made myself a cup of tea it made me feel sick. I didn’t check my messages on my phone until 5pm so I didn’t reply to any messages. Some places were closed by the time I woke up to check phone. As I said before, Thursday onwards is better for me so I will return calls etc tomorrow. I should be better …. I’m hoping my migraine has properly gone when I wake up tomorrow. I popped out for a little walk to see if the fresh air helped. It would help more if here wasn’t freshly cut grass in places. That fills my head up alone because I’m allergic to grass pollen. It wouldn’t be so bad if my head wasn’t already full of stuff that is already causing me to have a migraine. I feel better the more that everything unblocks. It’s lovely and warm (or maybe I just feel hotter because I’m ill) outside. I don’t even need a coat today. I just hope it doesn’t decide to rain again because there are clouds in the direction that I’m waking towards.

I also don’t think I can do what I got involved in any longer. I’m too sensitive. I get really stressed when I see the system getting away with stuff. In every case i literally feel it so hard when various parts of the system continue to get away with their legally stamped behaviour. The fact that we don’t get believed literally makes me ill. I probably wouldn’t suffer so much if I hadn’t had my son forcibly adopted. I don’t want to feel ill and stressed any longer. I don’t want to let anyone down either.

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