I don’t appreciate being called stuff and told I’m strange.

I got called a freak and strange for one of my posts yesterday. I don’t appreciate those comments. I’m sorry if certain people don’t believe in the same things. That doesn’t give anyone the right to call me the above things. I don’t chose to be different. Do you think I enjoy constantly picking things up and having dreams predicting stuff? I’d give anything to not experience those things! It does my head in! I hate it but it’s part of me that I just have to experience. I refuse to get upset about comments insulting me. I’m quite used to the fact that growing up in a small area included dealing with small minded people. I do not care what those types think of me. I only get annoyed when the views of others start to coincide with toxic behaviour that could lose blog visitors. I rely on staying reasonably liked to keep my fan base of readers. I sell myself as being brutally honest and authentic. There is no way that you can long term sell yourself as a fake product. That doesn’t work on a long term basis. I am the type of person who cannot stand the traditional social media influencers. They just aren’t real. They may have lots of followers but they’ve done that by complete fakery. They’ve made themselves completely commercial based. I just can’t be that way. I’m interested in all that differs from the norm. That has always been part of me. That doesn’t make me strange or a freak.

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