Day: May 25, 2021

  • Birds vs Cats doesn’t work. I had to rescue a bird from being chased after he was caught by my Cat. (video included)

    I had to get this bird out of the way of my cat, Mister, earlier. He was chasing him around the kitchen. I heard a load of tweeting from the birds outside. I think this one was a baby because he still have fluff as well as proper feathers. He wouldn’t let go of my […]

  • The irony that many of us return to our natural hair colours.

    The colour my hair is now is near my natural colour. Dying ginger tones even darker ones is a nightmare. I got absolutely fed up of the damage so started to think that my natural colour isn’t actually that bad. I may need to colour the roots from time to time because I had the […]

  • Stressed

    I woke up later than I planned. I realised I had lots to do alongside finishing my last university TMA/ema. I have a day left until the deadline. It comes around so quickly when everything is already feeling too much. We can’t get extensions for the last assessment. I’m medicated and nearly had breakfast (I […]

  • I don’t appreciate being called stuff and told I’m strange.

    I got called a freak and strange for one of my posts yesterday. I don’t appreciate those comments. I’m sorry if certain people don’t believe in the same things. That doesn’t give anyone the right to call me the above things. I don’t chose to be different. Do you think I enjoy constantly picking things […]