The rain is annoying. Other than that today has been okay. Oh, and apparently I was cursed because a relative upset someone when I was a child.

The weather has got better… for now. It keeps raining every few hours though. I fell asleep with the cat because we were both fed up of the rain earlier. I got up but haven’t done a lot yet. I am going to do a few bits before I go out for the evening. I have a bit of a headache so I just chilled out playing games on my phone and watched TV for a while. I actually managed to sleep most of the night. I had the most random dream earlier when I fell asleep with the cat. There was lots of different type thick patterned curtains all over the walls of a room. I was walking around the streets locally jet cleaning the pavements. I moved furniture in one part of the dream. Then, just before I woke up, I gave someone a mobile phone. I don’t know what it meant. The dream wasn’t long but those were the main things that happened. I know that thick patterned curtains aren’t good. They mean malicious gossip circulating around from various people. I looked that up in the dream dictionary online. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m picking that up from waking life. I can always dream about people’s plans before they even decide to actually do them. This irritates anyone who is trying to pull the wool over my eyes in waking life. I’m very intuitive, others will only annoy themselves if they decide to try to hide things or trick me. I never saw anyone I actually knew in the dream. I wouldn’t if there were people behind those curtains. Sometimes we don’t get to see everything if the timing isn’t right. I got told something interesting yesterday.

I hang around in various online groups full of others who have psychic abilities. I don’t know how true this is but it kind of makes sense. Apparently, someone cast a spell jinxing me for life when I was younger. That wasn’t even my fault because someone in my family upset someone. If this is true I’d appreciate it if someone lifts it off of me seeing as I only was related to someone who upset another. I never did anything to the caster so why cast it on me too? The rule of being an adult witch is also that casting spells on children is frowned upon, especially if it’s their parent that has upset someone. I know my mother dabbled with that stuff as a younger person. I’m sure there was people who could do that stuff in touch with us as a family when I was growing up. I would like to know if the person is still around and will own up to the casting. They may no longer be alive, apparently this was over 25 years ago. If I have been effectively cursed (even though spell casts aren’t so severe but still problematic)… that makes a lot of sense when I consider the things that have occurred in my life. The feelings that others get around me. The way I cannot connect with others energies without issues occurring. I don’t deserve that put on me if I was just a child and it was done by a relative. I don’t want the darkness of negative energy spells left upon me and also that would have gone down the line to my son. We both didn’t deserve to be parted and spend life apart. We didn’t do nothing to the spell caster. We just wanted to be happy and free.