Sorted another technical issue!

The issue must have been a system fault because I’m now able to post blog entries from my phone again. I didn’t have to do anything but wait a few days. It kept trying to redirect me to my site address when I went into editor mode. We have all this technology but does it work? Nope! Well, not when we need it! I just did a TikTok tonight but it wasn’t long because I have a migraine coming on. It didn’t help that I accidentally smacked my toothbrush into the side of my mouth when I was cleaning them this evening. There was blood but it wasn’t too bad. I basically played with a filter on the TikTok app for 7 seconds (the magical number if you want to appear on a load of for you users pages). I won’t be around for a few days as I have to get my uni assignment in by Thursday. I need a good nights sleep to be able to use my brain properly to finish it.

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