Early night tonight… the weather sucks and I’m down.

The weather is depressing. I have felt like crap due to monthly issues all day. I have decided to get ready for bed and have an early night. I just got into bed at just after 6pm. I’m just tired and depressed. Sometimes sleeping is the only comfortable thing mentally and physically. I’m hoping that it’s stopped raining so much tomorrow. The last week has been full of rain. We do need rain but it’s rained on and off for days. The sky looks like it isn’t going to rain but then it just randomly starts. It’s supposed to stop raining and getting warm by the end of this week. I have started getting up during the day by a decent hour (before lunch time) every day over the last week. The days feel so long when you’ve had insomnia so you’ve slept during them for a few months. The nights went so quickly when I couldn’t sleep. The hours I’m awake during the day now seems to go at a snails pace. The cats spend half their days sleeping so I’m awake on my own. I have plenty of things to do around here (it’s a little messy). I’ve started plaiting my hair for bed again because I left it loose for a few nights and started getting split ends. One side has even broken off a little (it always does) due to getting caught under my bag straps. I have one of the cats asleep next to me. They don’t want to go out. The rain has totally put them off going outside. I don’t blame them. I’m not keen on even putting the bin out today.

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