Slept most of the night and had a rest today.

I actually slept most of the night after going bed early about 10. I normally go to bed at midnight or later. I have gone bed slightly earlier since I was making an effort to get up earlier in the day. I slacked a little today though. I got up but was in pain (monthly) so fell asleep with the cat for most of today. I woke up at lunch time. The weather was sunny when I woke up… now it’s raining. The weather is getting ridiculous this week. I managed to go for a long walk on Wednesday but even that was a battle of constantly putting up my umbrella during several showers. I have a hot water bottle to help my monthly pains. I put some drops in my ear. That seems to be getting better. I’m still feeling fat. I still can’t post blog entries on my phone. I have to log onto my laptop to post any entries now. It is quite annoying so I’m definitely going to try to fix the problem.

I have also put hay fever nasal spray up my nose, the prevention one not the relief one. I can’t believe how much better it works than tablets. Also, apparently it isn’t medicated. That is always a positive thing when you’re trying to cut the amount of chemicals consumed. I say this while drinking a drink containing alcohol. We are living in a world full of chemicals. We cannot possibly be completely chemical free. Anyway, being totally chemical free is also boring. That isn’t living! I know I’m not as skinny as I used to be. We have all over consumed during lock down.

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