Day: May 21, 2021

  • Question regarding computer operating system expiring.

    I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem. I haven’t previously experienced this issue with any other laptop I’ve owned. I had messages popping up saying my Windows 10 is expiring for a while. Apparently now it has actually expired. The laptop still works but now it’s expired I’ve lost my desktop background image. […]

  • Broken emotionally today…

    I woke up in pain but that isn’t the worse part of today. I literally can’t stop getting tearful because my hormones are kicking off too. This is only the first day of my monthly. The worse physical symptoms haven’t even began yet. I woke up at a stupid hour this morning after waking up […]

  • I’m in a lot of pain :( Sometimes it would be easier if I was still in some form of care.

    I have had to cancel the person coming to do the boiler today. I’m hoping that no one turns up because I have told the landlord as bluntly as possible that it isn’t convenient at the moment. I woke up with severe ear pain and that time of the month has decided to cause me […]