I’m trying my best but in pain :(

I have tried to clear up the flat because the boiler is being checked tomorrow. I’ve managed to clear the area around where the person will be working. The place still looks a mess. I can’t do anymore because my ear is aching so much. I have put drops in them. I’ve taken allergy stuff so that the I’m not going to get my allergies making it worse. I need to keep my sinuses clear to get rid of my ear ache. The ache started in my neck. It has moved around into my ear so I know that it’s all linked. I hope it goes away soon because it’s stopping me from doing stuff. I just feel like sleeping because that’s the only time I’m not in pain. It does seem to be getting better but at a slow process. I don’t like things looking a mess when people are coming in to do stuff because it makes me look bad. I’ve been ill, busy with the final stages of my university module, working on various other things. Then I’ve been trying to fix my sleep pattern. I don’t want to look like I can’t cope with every day life.

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