Are we actually in April? It’s been a long day already!

I was reluctant to get up today as it was because I knew that I had to wash the basket full of clean clothes again after mister peed on it last night. I actually slept okay until Mimi came to tap me in the face this morning at 3 am. I slept for a few hours early this morning and went to bed earlier last night so I’ve had proper sleep. That’s proper sleep for me anyway. I go for a walk and it starts raining. Luckily it was just a shower but I bought my umbrella just in case it decides to do it again . I’m hoping that the wind doesn’t blow it inside out though. It’s sunny now but I’m used to my luck. I feel fat which isn’t helping today. I don’t think it’s all bloat. I’ve cut down on everything bad I don’t get why I’m getting weight gain. I did start exercising and then got lazy. I had to stop myself sleeping all day.