I just can’t today.

I have things to do but I’m not getting up until later. I mentally cannot face what I have to do to tidy up and clean my flat before a nap. I spent the whole day in bed yesterday. I haven’t even drank alcohol since Thursday so should be feeling better. I’ve not got such a painful neck now. That was starting to get stressful because it kept coming back just as I thought I had got rid of it. I am having cat cuddles with Mimi who has curled up in a ball next to me purring. I was having cuddles with mister but he strolled off to sleep in his own basket in the other room. I haven’t even been outside my front door in a few days. I just haven’t felt like it. I’m not even depressed. I simply cannot be bothered. I’m mentally and physically worn out. I’m hoping I feel better so that I can finish my final university assignment this week. I have wrote it but need to edit it into the right formats.

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