I slept but feel really crap today.

I woke up early but I did sleep and I also slept a few hours yesterday evening. I therefore should logically feel much better. Instead I feel extremely ill. Hay fever and neck pain are not the easiest things to deal with together. I’ve taken my vitamins so hoping that perks me up a little. They can at least help my body not to react to whatever is causing me pain even if the hay fever is something I just have to deal with this time of year. Last night during the early evening the pollen levels must have been high because my nose wouldn’t stop running to the point where my head was full up as I got rid of stuff. I then fell asleep for a while. This neck ache is driving me crazy. I can’t move my head to one side without pain.

I’m not up properly yet due to feeling ill. The cat keeps trying to let himself into the bathroom and then meows at me when he can’t get in. He’s not allowed in there. He knows this but still pushes the boundaries. He was then walking around with his tail up which sometimes means he is going to pee in protest. He was strolling around my clean clothes on the radiator so I’ve been keeping an eye on him. He’s never peed on my clothes before but there’s always a first time. He had never peed on the bed covers previously but he did it one day after he couldn’t get his own way. I clean up the mess straight away so he’s wasting his time pee protesting. I’m just as stubborn as a cat. He’s better than he used to be because I just won’t give in to him nowadays. I used to let him do most things that he wanted to do. That led to long term behaviour issues. I found him asleep in my clothes basket this morning. He knows he isn’t allowed to sleep in there. The clothes are clean and he had come in from outside with mud on him. I no longer put the basket at low levels to discourage the cats from trying to get comfy in there. He decided to jump up into it. I wouldn’t mind but he had his own basket with a blanket in the other room. He’d been sleeping in that yesterday evening. I know he has got bored with the weather being rainy but he’s still gone out quiet a lot.

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