Day: May 15, 2021

  • I have to get away. Trauma affects my dreams.

    I keep having frightening dreams since I moved back to the area I grew up in. I had a bad one today when I dropped off during the day. I was being followed and tracked by police. They were telling me I wasn’t in trouble but I still had to come with them. I spent […]

  • Bad day :(

    I had a little nap because I felt so awful. I woke up feeling just as bad. The neck ache is getting on my nerves. I swear it’s affecting my functioning because I keep reading stuff wrong. I can see the words but I just process them wrongly. I’ve read things saying years but I […]

  • I slept but feel really crap today.

    I woke up early but I did sleep and I also slept a few hours yesterday evening. I therefore should logically feel much better. Instead I feel extremely ill. Hay fever and neck pain are not the easiest things to deal with together. I’ve taken my vitamins so hoping that perks me up a little. […]