Slept … still tired … nothing new.

I woke up at a stupid hour because my cats were meowing to go outside. I fell asleep straight away last night. I even managed to shave yesterday so I have very smooth legs now. I’m sure that won’t last long. The hair grows back in a few weeks. I can still feel my neck albeit not as severe as before I went to bed last night. I have an irritating ulcer just inside my mouth. It feels extremely sore when I eat or drink. I guess it will help me lose weight if I can’t eat without it hurting for a few days. I bit my mouth in my sleep initially which is how it came up. I can even unconsciously injure myself. I’m even clumsy in my sleep! I hope I never sleep walk because I couldn’t be trusted not to cause some sort of damage to either my surroundings or myself.

I have a lot to do but so little enthusiasm/energy to get on with it. I’m not getting up this early if I don’t have to do so. I already had a conversation online this morning where someone implied I was lazy. I have no energy constantly. Laziness is not the same. I do a lot of things when I do happen to have good days. Depression saps me of all things positive. I make the most of the rare days where I don’t feel like a broken empty shell.