I’m up because I didn’t go back to sleep.

I made myself get up before I fell asleep again today. I’ve been awake since 5 am so it feels like evening to me. I need to get painkillers because my neck is so stiff that I cannot move it properly in one direction. I don’t know what I’ve done tour but this has been there for a week now. I can still feel the bone aching in my ankle so definitely got to get that seen to if it doesn’t stop hurting soon. I managed to stop my neck hurting last night for a few seconds so I think I may have trapped something. I had the vaccine four days before my neck started playing up. Maybe we are all turning into zombies now. Remember they have predicted a zombie apocalypse this year. Many of us has had the vaccine end of last year beginning or this… chill out I’m playing … I hope. I do feel like a zombie today because I hardly slept. I can’t even feel the benefit of the little sleep I had last night at this point. I can’t go to sleep as it will mess up my pattern again. I then won’t be able to sleep at night again. The place is also a tip so it needs tidying and cleaning.