Quiet words in various ears gave me a lot of answers today.

I don’t know if anyone remembers me addressing the concerns around hacking of the blog and then me getting kicked off some local groups a few weeks ago… well, I asked an admin that I’d previously spoken to a while ago. Apparently they had lots of complaints about my blog posts constantly clogging up the group wall. I post one to two a day. That is far from clogging up the walls when promoting them. I’m starting to think it’s personal but I cannot prove it. They didn’t want fb getting funny with them as the admin was ignoring the reports due to the fact I had prior permission to promote the blog in those local groups. The groups were getting trouble between members at the time which they did mention on one of those groups. I can deal with a lot of stuff. I don’t let certain things which come from an ignorant place offend me when others say them to me. If you want change you’re going to have to let me take my spot… you want this area to stay small minded and the same forever then feel free to censor/hide me. Some people in the small locality where I grew up needs to actually grow up. Heads out of the sand and face all that is wrong here.