I slept but it wasn’t proper sleep last night.

I woke up at a stupid hour and couldn’t get back to sleep. I woke up sweating because o fell asleep with the electric blanket on. I was comfortably warm when I dropped off but must have got too warm during my sleep. I have a habit of slobbering when I’m in a deep sleep too. I woke up with a wet face and pillow. I heard something say Emma again… the same as a few weeks ago. Seriously ? Can’t whatever leave me alone when I sleep? I know that I can do certain things but I value the sleep I actually am able to achieve. I will deal with things when I’m awake. The rule applies to the living, dead and my cats. The cats understand this so normally they fall asleep next to me and then nudge me when they see me waking up. It’s very hard to train cats to do this but it took many years. I don’t even care if you’re a dead relative… please don’t say my name at 4 am. I had the most random dream and then woke up to something saying my name while it was still dark. That freaks me out completely. I wasn’t able to settle after I woke up to being hot, random dreams and then my name being said. I don’t want to feel crazy. I know I’m not but others who don’t have certain gifts like to say we are mentally ill. I’ve stopped certain aspects of my gifts materialising because I don’t want to be randomly disturbed by spirits and random intuition type feelings. I haven’t managed to stop them coming through in dreams due to not having the control which I have awake. I’m just fed up this morning. I can’t get back to sleep. I have laid awake from about half 4. 3 hours later I’m still awake.